Sangam14.. Call for papers is now open..

Sangam14 – call for papers is now open.. Please visit and submit your abstracts…



Sangam11 … Early bird registration opens

Registration for the much awaited Oracle users conference in India is now open.. we have closed the paper and the paper selection is under way. The agenda for the event will be available soon.  Register now…


Hope to see you at this event..

Sangam10 :: call for papers is on


Interested in presenting at the Oracle users group conference in India?  AIOUG has started accepting papers for their second users conference to be held on 3rd and 4th September.

Check out for more details.

Rundown of the last 1 odd years….

I had just started and after two entries disappeared?  hmmm..  yes apologize for staying away…

Lets do a rundown of the last 1 odd years..

1.  ASM book launch was good, the book is doing good in the  market its interesting to see how well ASM is being adopted in the Oracle space. Is time to update this book for the next release?   with 11gR2 released maybe something to consider.. need to get in touch with the other authors.  maybe soon..

2.  Did do several presentations at the OOW 2008:
1. Looking under the hood at the  Oracle clusterware (2). Understanding Oracle RAC   (3). Tools and utilities available on metalink . All presentations where well attended, several good questions and while sharing we also learn.  Will I be a the OOW09?  ;OOW is a great place to meet up with several of the Oracle users from all over the world.  Unlike the earlier open world shows, OOW  has become more technical in the recent years and there is a lot we learn from some the excellent topics presented in the RAC space.  Its the lack of time or session conflicts that prevent many of us from attending all of them.

3. RAC SIG..
The RAC SIG had opened elections for its officer positions.  As mentioned before, I wanted a smaller role, besides I could not stay away from not working with user groups. Stood for the ‘International Chair’ position and was elected.  This is a great role, because it allows me to helping take the RAC SIG to the next level.  We are encouraging starting smaller SIGS in the various regions of the world.  Actually China, Singapore and India have adopted this already, with several meetings already scheduled and organized we hope other regions will also do the same..

Great start, and 2008 was a great year. we had two technology nights at Bangalore and Hyderabad.  Great start, great interest from Oracle users in India.  In 2009 we have already done our first quarterly meeting in Mumbai, instead of a technight we organized a techday.  We wanted to try this based on the feedback received from the other two tech events.
We just completed our next major event ‘3 day Oracle user conference Sangam’09.  With Tom Kyte being the key speaker for the event, we also had other speakers from inside and outside Oracle.  More about it in a separate blog.

Sangam09 just completed, OOW just around the corner. . lot to write and share.. not to mention more technical content also on RAC and ASM