sangam11… is just around the corner

Along with several other key speakers (Arup Nanda, Mark Rittman, Hemant Chitale, and several others ) from around the world, I will be presenting two sessions at Sangam11

Friday 9th December 2011 – Implementing Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager for Prime Time Monitoring

Oracle Enterprise Manger has evolved over the years and in its latest incarnation, 11g has become a highly efficient Enterprise Management solution. It has evolved from a Database self-management tool to a complete suite that provides Business driven IT Management capabilities. There are plug-ins available to manage Enterprise Applications like EBS, OBIEE etc., and Middleware Technologies like WLS, SOA Suite etc., Being enterprise level monitoring tool, enterprises cannot afford downtime of the repository or its notification services. In this presentation we review the implementation of EM leveraging the HA capabilities provisioned from RAC and Weblogic Clustering behind a load-balancer including DR for EM

Saturday 10th December 2011 – Using 11gR2 Result Cache Feature in a RAC Environment

The result cache feature introduced in Oracle database 11g provides considerable benefits for operations where results sets do not change quite often. This feature helps store the final result sets in memory providing high speed access to the dataset. In a RAC environment it provides an added advantage that, when multiple users execute identical queries from multiple instances in the cluster, instead of the entire dataset being transferred across the interconnect or retrieved by performing an I/O operation, only the final result set is transferred across the interconnect. This provides great benefits in speed and resource utilization providing considerable performance enhancement. This presentation will go deep into the architecture and functioning of this feature in a RAC environment.

The agenda for sangam11 along with the breakout sessions is live at


About Murali Vallath
Murali Vallath has over 20 years of experience designing and developing databases. He provides independent Oracle consulting services focusing on designing and performance tuning of Oracle databases through Summersky Enterprises ( Vallath has successfully completed over 100 successful small, medium and terabyte sized RAC implementations (Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g & Oracle 11gR2 ) for reputed corporate firms. Vallath is a regular speaker at industry conferences and user groups, including the Oracle Open World, UKOUG and IOUG on RAC and Oracle RDBMS performance tuning topics. Vallath's Publications: Author: 1. ‘Oracle Real Application Clusters’ Publisher: Digital Press 2. ‘Oracle 10g RAC, Grid, Services & Clustering’ Publisher: Digital Press. Co-Author 3. 'Automatic Storage Management Publisher: Oracle Press'

2 Responses to sangam11… is just around the corner

  1. Kanhaiya Sharma says:

    Hi Murali,
    I attended the OTN Yatra in Bangalore GX office, thanks for covering the wide range of topics. Can you please share the presentations used by the participants and the link to them?


    Kanhaiya Sharma

  2. Thanks for attending the OTNYathra. We are in the process of collecting the presentations from the speakers. It should be uploaded soon.

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