OTN Tour – South America – 2011 – Day 1


We are part of an Oracle OTN tour covering South America.  This is one of the ways you give back to the Oracle community by educating them and informing them about the latest and greatest available in Oracle technology space. 

As part of the group of ACE directors traveling in South America, I am speaking/presenting in 4 locations.  Starting with Costa Rica and ending in Peru.  The tour goes on beyond Peru to other countries but my share is 4 countries spread over a two week period.

5th July 2011  – San Jose – Costa Rica

I presented three sessions at San Jose, 

  1. Using Oracle Result Cache Features in Oracle 11g RAC
  2. Oracle 11g RAC for Developers
  3. Tools and Utilities for Monitoring RAC

Had an excellent audience.  It was interested to note the amount of interaction that most DBA’s bring to the table in the form of questions and experiences. All the three sessions had both beginners and current RAC users and provided a mix of interest.

oracle 013OTN -SJ 5jul2011 oracle 017OTN -SJ 5jul2011 oracle 029OTN -SJ 5jul2011

Being in Costa Rica was like being at home.  This tropical country is so similar from several angles to the small state called Kerala, in India where I am from.  The plants, the fruits the way the houses are constructed are so similar that apart from the language everything was very close. I enjoyed the fruits and food. The people here are very friendly.   For a minute I felt home sick looking at the nature, I am sure if I was not busy with the presentations and the preparation I would have wanted to go to India instead of continue the tour.  

San Jose – Costa Rica is done and moving on to Quito, Ecuador


About Murali Vallath
Murali Vallath has over 20 years of experience designing and developing databases. He provides independent Oracle consulting services focusing on designing and performance tuning of Oracle databases through Summersky Enterprises (www.summersky.biz). Vallath has successfully completed over 100 successful small, medium and terabyte sized RAC implementations (Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g & Oracle 11gR2 ) for reputed corporate firms. Vallath is a regular speaker at industry conferences and user groups, including the Oracle Open World, UKOUG and IOUG on RAC and Oracle RDBMS performance tuning topics. Vallath's Publications: Author: 1. ‘Oracle Real Application Clusters’ Publisher: Digital Press 2. ‘Oracle 10g RAC, Grid, Services & Clustering’ Publisher: Digital Press. Co-Author 3. 'Automatic Storage Management Publisher: Oracle Press'

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