Sangam10… sessions well accepted.

Sangam10 was better compared to Sangam09.. better attendance, well organized conference and no complains on food and water.

I had presented two sessions at Sangam10..  I did not do any RAC presentation during Sangam09, but several folks  asked why I had not given a session.  I  followed the call for papers like others and was selected by the selection panel. Both my sessions were well attended.

Session 1.  Think outside the interconnect when optimizing your RAC environment.

DSC_0131  DSC_0129 DSC_0130

Kept the session of an interactive type.  so that audience can get involved through the entire session.  Was very well accepted and the received good feedback.

Session 2. 11gR2 New features for RAC.


Did not notice how fast the time went by.. when users get interactive and you get several questions time just flies by.  Could not complete the entire presentation.  I was only able to complete the new features for the clusterware.  did not cover ASM and RDBMS new features.   Maybe next time I do this topic, I will request for a longer duration.

Looking forward to Sangam11..  before that Oracle Open World 2010 is just around the corner. I will be giving two sessions at OOW this year.

1. Waits, Enqueues, and Latches in Oracle 11g RAC

2. The Oracle Database 11gR2 Result Cache in an Oracle RAC Environment

More updates on OOW later…


About Murali Vallath
Murali Vallath has over 20 years of experience designing and developing databases. He provides independent Oracle consulting services focusing on designing and performance tuning of Oracle databases through Summersky Enterprises ( Vallath has successfully completed over 100 successful small, medium and terabyte sized RAC implementations (Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g & Oracle 11gR2 ) for reputed corporate firms. Vallath is a regular speaker at industry conferences and user groups, including the Oracle Open World, UKOUG and IOUG on RAC and Oracle RDBMS performance tuning topics. Vallath's Publications: Author: 1. ‘Oracle Real Application Clusters’ Publisher: Digital Press 2. ‘Oracle 10g RAC, Grid, Services & Clustering’ Publisher: Digital Press. Co-Author 3. 'Automatic Storage Management Publisher: Oracle Press'

3 Responses to Sangam10… sessions well accepted.

  1. Fahd Mirza says:

    The fact that you didn’t manage to complete your presentation due to interactivity is the prove that you were a resounding success.

    Great work.


  2. Zaheer says:

    Hi Murli,

    Is there any video recordings of these session?

    Really you are genius.

    X A H E E R

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