coexist 10gR2 and 11gR2 RAC db on the same cluster – Part II

I accidently posted this blog entry over my previous entry on this same topic.  Thanks to Google I was able retrieve my old post from the Google cache and posted it again to my blog.


My previous post discussed about the various stumbling blocks we encountered during our 10gR2 database installation in a 11gR2 environment. We took it a step at a time to troubleshoot and install the database documenting and fixing the issues as we go. Yesterday browsing through Metalink I noticed a very recent article on the same subject.
Pre 11.2 Database Issues in 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Environment [ID 948456.1]
Which recommends several patches and steps that could help ease the installation process


About Murali Vallath
Murali Vallath has over 20 years of experience designing and developing databases. He provides independent Oracle consulting services focusing on designing and performance tuning of Oracle databases through Summersky Enterprises ( Vallath has successfully completed over 100 successful small, medium and terabyte sized RAC implementations (Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g & Oracle 11gR2 ) for reputed corporate firms. Vallath is a regular speaker at industry conferences and user groups, including the Oracle Open World, UKOUG and IOUG on RAC and Oracle RDBMS performance tuning topics. Vallath's Publications: Author: 1. ‘Oracle Real Application Clusters’ Publisher: Digital Press 2. ‘Oracle 10g RAC, Grid, Services & Clustering’ Publisher: Digital Press. Co-Author 3. 'Automatic Storage Management Publisher: Oracle Press'

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